“Better Must Come”: Homelessness in Osaka’s Kamagasaki Area

Major cities around the world are undergoing rapid change under various schemes of urban regeneration, such as gentrification, renovation, and creative city based on the underlying changes in the socio-economic structure. These urban change processes mobilize contradictory outcomes –including opportunities and threats– for urban dwellers. One significant consequence for the low-income groups of the society is the rising condition of homelessness. This note refers to the homelessness in the U.S. and Japan by mentioning a recently published book on the issue, “Better Must Come: Exiting Homelessness in Two Global Cities” (Cornell University Press, 2015) and a field trip to an area in Osaka with concentrated homelessness.


Kirmizi, Meric, 2016, “‘Better Must Come’: Homelessness in Osaka’s Kamagasaki Area,” The Protocity.com, July 11, 2016, (Retrieved December 20, 2016, http://theprotocity.com/homelessness-osaka-kamagasaki/).


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