Observations from a Degentrifying Istanbul

Normally, I refrain from criticizing my country to foreigners. When it comes to İstanbul though, where I was born and where lived with my family until my late 20s, I would feel guiltier if I tried to cover up the obvious fact that this (once) beautiful city has increasingly been under attack, especially for the last 10-15 years. During this period of time, I have been able to follow the tremendous change of the city both directly and at times from a distance. Visiting the city after long breaks in between enables me to have the unique perspective of an involved stranger who might recognize the city’s speedy change somehow better than people that have been living in İstanbul all the time. Last February I went back for a week to visit my family; even though I do not claim that a week is enough to grasp any urban change, this short stay provided me with some new insights about the nature of change in the case of İstanbul while attempting to compare it to the change of Osaka, where I study neighbourhood transformation for my PhD in urban sociology.

Kirmizi, Meric, 2015, “Observations from a Degentrifying İstanbul,” The Protocity.com, July 13, 2015, (Retrieved December 20, 2016, http://theprotocity.com/observations-from-a-degentrifying-istanbul/).


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