Gentrification: Reading Suggestions


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  • Behar, D. and İslam, T. (2006). İstanbul’da Soylulaştırma: Eski Kentin Yeni Sahipleri. İstanbul: İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Yayınları. (Out of print.)
  • Türkün, A. (Ed.) (2014). Mülk, Mahal, İnsan : İstanbul’da Kentsel Dönüşüm. İstanbul: İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Yayınları.



Commercial and retail gentrification

  • Bridge, G. and Dowling, R. (2001). “Microgeographies of Retailing and Gentrification.” Australian Geographer 32(1), 93-107.
  • Gonzalez, S. and Waley, P. (2013). “Traditional Retail Markets: The New Gentrification Frontier?” Antipode 45(4): 965-983.
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  • Takahashi, K. (2017). “Toronto’s Little Portugal: Gentrification and Social Relations among Local Entrepreneurs.” Urban Geography 38(4), 578-605.
  • Zukin, S., Trujillo, V., Frase, P., Jackson, D., Recuber, T. and Walker, A. (2009). “New Retail Capital and Neighborhood Change: Boutiques and Gentrification in New York City”. City & Community 8(1), 47-64.

Cultural approach

  • Ley, D. (2003). “Artists, Aestheticisation and the Field of Gentrification.” Urban Studies 40(12), 2527-2544.
  • Zukin, S. (2008). “Consuming Authenticity – From Outposts of Difference to Means of Exclusion.” Cultural Studies 22(5), 724-748.

Economic (social class-based) approach

  • Jeffery, B. (2018). “”I Probably Would Never Move, but Ideally Like I’d Love to Move This Week’: Class and Residential Experience, Beyond Elective Belonging.” Sociology-The Journal of the British Sociological Association 52(2), 245-261.
  • Smith, N. (1987). “Gentrification and the Rent Gap.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 77(3), 462-465.

Art-culture and gentrification

  • Gainza, X. (2017). “Culture-led Neighbourhood Transformations beyond the Revitalisation/Gentrification Dichotomy.” Urban Studies 54(4), 953-970.
  • Pratt, A.C. (2008). “Creative Cities: The Cultural Industries and the Creative Class.” Geografiska Annaler Series B-Human Geography 90B(2), 107-117.
  • Shkuda, A. (2013). “The Art Market, Arts Funding, and Sweat Equity: The Origins of Gentrified Retail.” Journal of Urban History 39(4), 601-619.

Gender, family, education and gentrification 

  • Bondi, L. (1991). “Gender Divisions and Gentrification – A Critique.” Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 16(2), 190-198.
  • Bondi, L. (1995). “Gender, Class, and Gentrification: Enriching the Debate.” Environment and Planning D-Society & Space 17(3), 261-282.
  • Butler, T. and Robson, G. (2003). “Plotting the Middle Classes: Gentrification and Circuits of Education in London.” Housing Studies 18(1), 5-28.
  • Hubbard, P. (2004). “Revenge and Injustice in the Neoliberal City: Uncovering Masculinist Agendas.” Antipode 36(4), 665-686.
  • Karsten, L. (2003). “Family Gentrifiers: Challenging the City as a Place Simultaneously to Build a Career and to Raise Children.” Urban Studies 40(12), 2573-2584.
  • Kern, L. (2010). ” Gendering Reurbanisation: Women and New-Build Gentrification in Toronto.” Population Space and Place 16(5), 363-379.
  • Smith, D.P. and Holt, L. (2005). “‘Lesbian Migrants in the Gentrified Valley’ and ‘Other’ Geographies of Rural Gentrification.” Journal of Rural Studies 21(3), 313-322.

Critique of the gentrification literature

  • Slater, T. (2006). “The eviction of critical perspectives from gentrification research.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 30(4), 737-757.
  • Wacquant, L. (2008). “Relocating Gentrification: The Working Class, Science and the State in Recent Urban Research.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 32(1), 198-205.

Istanbul examples

  • Ergun, N. (2004). “Gentrification in Istanbul.” Cities 21(5), 391-405.
  • Karaman, O. and İslam, T. (2012). “On the dual nature of intra-urban borders: The case of a Romani neighborhood in Istanbul.” Cities 29(4), 234-243.
  • Karaman, O. (2013). ” Urban Renewal in Istanbul: Reconfigured Spaces, Robotic Lives.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 37(2), 715-733.
  • Özdemir, D. (2017). “From Pedestrianisation to Commercial Gentrification: The Case of Kadıköy in Istanbul”. Cities 65(1), 10-23.
  • Sakızlıoğlu, N.B. and Uitermark, J. (2014). “The Symbolic Politics of Gentrification: the Restructuring of Stigmatized Neighborhoods in Amsterdam and Istanbul.” Environment and Planning A 46(6), 1369-1385.
  • Soytemel, E. (2015). “”Belonging” in the Gentrified Golden Horn/Halic Neighbourhoods of Istanbul.” Urban Geography 36(1), 64-89.

Harlem, NY

  • Freeman, L. and Braconi, F. (2004). “Gentrification and displacement – New York City in the 1990s.” Journal of the American Planning Association 70(1), 39-52.
  • Passell, A. (2018). “The Roots of Urban Renaissance: Gentrification and the Struggle over Harlem.” Journal of Plannıng History 17(2), 144-152.


  • Fujitsuka, Y. (2005) “Gentrification and Neighbourhood Dynamics in Japan: the Case of Kyoto,” Rowland Atkinson and Gary Bridge (Eds.), Gentrification in a Global Context: The New Urban Colonialism, Oxon: Routledge, 137–150.
  • Etc.

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